Company Profile


Sea Trade Holdings Inc. was formed in 2011, drawing on its founders’ many decades of experience owning, chartering, and operating dry bulk ships.

We have invested in a fleet of uniform, latest generation geared ships from leading shipyards in Japan. Our ships conform to the highest technical standards aimed at maximum fuel efficiency and protection of the environment.

We employ our ships in the service of customers who include many of the world’s leading mineral producers, agri-businesses and commodity traders.

Our mission is to provide efficient and reliable transportation of dry cargoes by sea while never compromising the safety of our crews and the environment, and always adhering to applicable laws and regulations.

We stress integrity, transparency, and professionalism in all our ship and shore-side operations, and the building and preservation of long-term commercial relationships with all our counterparties.

The technical management of our ships is under the direction of a team of independent professional managers with full accreditation under the applicable International Maritime Organisation Code. They are subject to a stringent process of selection and monitoring, all implemented by us with a view to ensuring the seaworthiness and reliable operation of our ships.

Sea Trade Holdings strives to create a rewarding and challenging work culture, where initiative and teamwork are highly encouraged.