STH Sydney

Sea Trade Holdings' STH Sydney in Vancouver Harbor

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Builder & Yard Japan Marine United, Kure, Japan
Flag Marshall Islands
Port of Registry Majuro
Classification NK
Last Special Survey January 2021
Last Dry-docking January 2021
Owner’s P&I Club The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association (Bermuda) Limited
Number & Nationality of the crew 19; Filipino
ISO/ISM Approved Yes; DNV-GL
IMO Number 9749245
Call Sign V7NM5
Dimensional Particulars (metric tons; meters)As Per Shipyard
LOA 198.00
LBP 195.00
Moulded Breadth 32.26
Scantling Deadweight 60,309
Scantling Draft 12.936
Registered GRT 34,321
Registered NRT 19,691
Lightship 10,449
Suez GRT 35,017
Suez NRT 32,252
Panama NRT 28,436
Constants 250 (excluding fresh water)
TPC 60.23
Hold Capacities
Grain Cubic Meters Bale Cubic Meters
No 1 14,449 13,452
No 2 15,852 14,890
No 3 15,847 14,872
No 4 15,853 14,871
No 5 15,238 14.269
Totals 77,239 72,354
Flat Tank Top Dimensions (meters) *
Length Breadth (fore/aft)
No 1 28.80 8.30 / 24.212
No 2 28.80 24.00 / 24.212
No 3 28.80 24.00 / 24.212
No 4 28.80 24.00 / 24.212
No 5 28.80 24.00 / 11.53

* outside of corrugations; frames; hopper trimming plates

Hatch Covers
Type: Electric-hydraulic folding, box construction with manual cleats; no loading of any cargo on deck and/or hatch covers.
Hatch Opening Dimensions: (meters) Length Breadth
No 1 17.60 17.07
No 2 20.80 18.60
No 3 20.80 18.60
No 4 20.80 18.60
No 5 20.80 18.60
Distance from Ship’s Rail to Hatch Covers/coamings (meters)
No 1 5.80
No 2 6.60
No 3 6.60
No 4 6.60
No 5 6.60
Description 4 x 30mt electric hydraulic driven single jib cranes
Capacity Safe working load with grabs: 24mt
Max slewing radius 26 meters (at 25°)
Outreach from ship’s rail 9.87 meters
Hoisting speed with grab use 19m/min
Manufacturer Tobu Jukogyo Co. Ltd; Japan
Description Radio-controlled grab buckets;
Size: 12/6 cubic meters
No: 4
Air Draft Dimensions (meters)     
Keel to top of Mast 46.11
Waterline to top of Mast In full ballast condition 37.11
In light ballast condition 39.62
In fully laden condition 33.17
Waterline to top of Hatch Coaming at Midship basis 50% bunkers In full ballast condition 12.23
In light ballast condition 15.37
In fully laden condition 7.10 even keel
Height of hatch above weather deck 1.60
Engine Equipment
Main Engine DU-WARTSILA 6RT –flex50-D
Speed & Consumption
All “about” basis good weather conditions up to and including Beaufort Force 4, no adverse current, no negative swell, with significant wave height up to 1.25 meters; with a clean bottom and clean vertical sides and clean propeller in an open, deep sea condition with sea water temperature maximum 25C and minimum 3C. Consumption figures are based on fuel with a Low Calorific Value of 40,600kj/kg.
“About” means ·     0.5 knot allowance to be applied for speed

·     5% allowance to be applied to bunker consumption

14k on 25.0mt HFO + 2mt HFO for auxiliaries (laden)
14k on 20.5mt HFO + 2mt HFO for auxiliaries (in ballast)
13k on 20.5mt HFO + 2mt HFO for auxiliaries (laden)
13k on 16.0mt HFO + 2mt HFO for auxiliaries (in ballast)
12k on 16.0mt HFO + 2mt HFO for auxiliaries (laden)
12k on 12.0mt HFO + 2mt HFO for auxiliaries (in ballast)
Plus: Additional 2mt HFO/day when exchanging ballast due to operation of 2nd axillary engine; or when operating in cold climate.
Port Consumption (including boiler but excluding maneuvering)
Idle 3mt HFO per day
Working 6mt HFO per day
MDO Consumption 2.5mt per month
Grades of Fuel


Type of Fuel Residual fuel in accordance with ISO 8217: 2010 RMG 380 with Sulphur content not exceeding 0.5% m/m
Distillate fuel in accordance with ISO 8217: 2010 DMA with Sulphur content not exceeding 0.1% m/m
Fuel Tank Capacities
Metric Tons Cubic Meters Basis Percentage
HFO (incl. settling & service) 1,620 1,795 95%
Diesel Oil (incl. settling & service) 233 272 95%
Environmental Attributes
NoX Tier II Yes
Long Range operation with Low Sulphur Diesel Oil Yes; 230 metric tons in DO Tanks
Low GHG (CO2) Emissions Yes
Ballast Water Treatment System Yes    JFE Ballast Ace
Hydrodynamic Hull Form Energy Saving Device Yes
A60 Bulkhead between Hold # 5 & Engine Room Yes
Additional Vessel Characteristics
Suez Canal Fitted Yes
Panama Canal Fitted Yes
CO2 Equipped Yes; all holds and engine room
Loading Alternate Holds Yes
Fresh Water Evaporator Yes; 20mt per day
Australian Hold Ladder Fitted Yes

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