Drybulk shipping represents approximately 54% of total seaborne trade, equating to over 5 billion tons or 70,000 voyages on nearly 12,000 vessels. Contrary to popular belief, marine transport is by far the most energy-efficient mode of transport for goods, creating less greenhouse gases (GHG) per tonne-km of cargo carried than any other transportation mode.

Nevertheless the industry still has tremendous room for improvement regarding the reduction of GHG and other types of emissions.

Sea Trade Holdings is the only Owner or Operator of a fleet consisting entirely of super-eco vessels, with an industry-low average age of 4.3 years old.

Each vessel is equipped with a Main Engine exhaust gas economizer, as well as a bulb and fins system on the rudder (Surfbulb). These latest technologies assist STH in offering the best fuel efficiency in the market today.

Additionally the JMU built vessels are equipped with SSD Duct and ALVfin on the hull, designed to enhance wake gain by inducing more boundary layer to the propeller disk.

All of our vessels are installed with IMO approved Ballast Water Treatment Systems, in order to mitigate the environmental impact of taking in water from one marine area and discharging it in another. Using ballast water is necessary for the safe operation of the vessel, but, without a proper BWTS, may cause the introduction of invasive aquatic species.

For similar reasons, we have applied the latest anti-fouling paints all the way up to the waterline of each vessel. This prevents sea life such as algae, barnacles and molluscs attaching themselves to the hull of the vessel.

In addition to building and maintaining the most modern and environmentally friendly fleet, Sea Trade Holdings contributes to the global move towards renewables by transporting alternative energy sources, like windmill blades.

Sea Trade Holdings strives to be on the forefront of innovation and is committed to exploring and implementing the latest technologies available in order to maintain the highest standards of Corporate and Social Responsibility.